Royal Syrups

Splash on some zesty
vibrance to zing up your day.

Royal Rose Syrup

Savour the perfumed taste of rose petals, sharp and crisp till the very last drop.

Royal Honeydew Syrup

Treat your palate to the taste of a ripe melon fest. Tantalisingly rich and sweet as summer.

Royal Lemon Syrup

Zest up your life with the refreshing goodness that's perfect to beat the tropical heat.

Royal Lime Syrup

Add the kick back into your step with the tarty flavour that's set to do a tango on your taste buds.

Royal Barley Syrup

Delight in the flavourful nuttiness of barley and relieve the heatiness with its wonderful cooling effects.

Royal Orange Syrup

Revel in the sweet citrusy serenade that tastes as fresh as a harvest's pickings.

Royal Blueberry Syrup

Indulge in the sweet and tangy taste of blueberries. Bursting with ripened intensity in flavour.