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Cooling satisfaction

Oldenlandia Water

This is the Asian version of how sparkling water should be. Infused with Oldenlandia diffusa, this crisp and refreshing drink helps to quench thirst, eliminate toxins, clear heat and delivers an ultimate cooling sensation. Try it, this might become your new favorite.

Time-honoured recipe. 11 Premium Ingredients. Real Brewed


Water, Cane Sugar, Capillary Wormwood Herb, Redroot Gromwell Root, Common Selfheal Spike, Dried Grass Jelly, Lalang Grass Rhizome, Common Lophatherum Herb, Spreading Hedyotis Herb, Liquorice, Grosvenor Momordica Fruit, Chrysanthemum Flower, Ginseng Root
Servings Per Package: 6
Serving Size: 300ml (1 can)

Oldenla ndia Water

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