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Shiracha White Tea Jasmine 6 pack

SHIRACHA WHITE TEA Jasmine - 6 pack


Like freshly squeezed tea buds – from farm to Can – Shiracha White Tea Jasmine is carefully brewed from organic white tea leaves to ensure a high level of tea properties, enriched with the refreshing aroma of Jasmine flowers.

  • Ingredients

    Water, Cane Sugar, Organic White Tea Leaves, Sodium Erythorbate (E316), Permitted Flavouring.

  • Benfits

    • Uncured, unfermented, least processed tea
    • Contain high concentration of L-theanine that help to boosts alertness and has a calming effect on the mind
    • White tea contains less amount of caffeine than other teas (green tea / black tea), so it is more hydrating and this helps in sustaining energy.
    • Rich in antioxidant that can help to reduce inflammation by protecting the body against damage from free radicals.
    • White tea has similar antioxidant benefits to green tea
    • Polyphenols that founded in white tea may help boost immunity and prevent bad cholesterol from becoming oxidized.
    • White tea is a good source of caffeine and catechins like EGCG that helps the body burn fat and boost metabolism.
    • The polyphenols in white tea helps the skin stay tight and firm and have an anti-aging effect
    • White tea is one of the less studied teas but the flavour is more accepted than that of green tea in Europe.