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Winter Melon Tea 1 carton

Winter Melon Tea - 1 carton


Being loaded with a variety of minerals and compounds along with its sweet, cool flavour, winter melon tea has become a preferred beverage among consumers. JJ Winter Melon Tea made from the extract of natural winter melon and gives you all the goodness of winter melon with cooling sensation.

  • Ingredients

    Water, Cane Sugar, Winter Melon Concentrate, Permitted Flavouring, Permitted Colouring (E150d).

  • Benfits

    • Strengthen the immune system.
    • Winter melon does not contain fat, and its sodium content is extremely low, which helps it as a diuretic.
    • A hydrating health tea.
    • It has the effect at cleaning out kidney waste and excess water.
    • Winter melon tea is caffeine free.
    • Ensure proper digestion.
    • Help in detoxification.
    • Clearing heat and dampness from the body.
    • Helping to improve metabolism and decrease fluid retention.
    • Main actions according to TCM: Clears Heat and dispels toxicity. Promotes the generation of Fluids. Removes phlegm and promotes urination.